4 Ways to Connect with Knowledge Architecture at Deltek Insight 2017

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Each year we look forward to connecting with our clients at Deltek Insight. Insight provides a great opportunity to learn about Deltek’s latest technology, share strategies and tactics for successful implementations, discuss ideas for building on the Deltek platform, and learn how Knowledge Architecture clients are using Synthesis to get a higher return on their investments in Deltek Vision and Deltek Ajera.

Susan Strom, Sara Davies, and Christopher Parsons will be representing Knowledge Architecture at Insight this year. Here are four ways you can connect with us and other Knowledge Architecture clients:

1) Stop by the Knowledge Architecture booth in the Expo Hall

Knowledge Architecture is a sponsor of Deltek Insight 2017. We’ll be at our booth in the Insight Expo Hall showing off our latest technology. Please come by and say hello.

2) Attend Chris’ Presentation

VI-104: Connecting Knowledge Strategy to Business Strategy
Christopher Parsons, Founder and CEO, Knowledge Architecture

At KA Connect 2016, Carla O’Dell said “The best thing that could ever happen to you in KM is that you find a business problem you can solve. Start with a business problem, fix it, and then you have the creds to do whatever else you need to do in KM.”


But where do you find business problems you can solve? What if your firm’s business strategy is tacit, out of date, non-existent, or vague? Or more than one of those things? Can you develop a knowledge management strategy in a vacuum? If so, how? Chris has spent the last year developing the KM Strategy Toolkit—a set of approaches and tools designed to help your firm answer the questions above. In this talk, Chris will share the first version of Knowledge Architecture’s KM Strategy Toolkit with you. You should walk away with actionable ideas to connect your knowledge management strategy to your business strategy.

3) Attend Presentations by Knowledge Architecture Clients and Partners

VI-76: Finding the River and Avoiding the Flood: Honing Direction with Vision, Newforma & Synthesis
Dennis Campbell, Marketing Director, AKF Group
Shannon Kaplan, Operations, AKF Group

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it – that phrase is at the heart of many firms’ drive to collect data. In the past year, AKF Group has been examining the quality and quantity of data while deploying programs such as Synthesis that connect and highlight the data in our Deltek Vision. This led to the realization that the firm was not always collecting the right data or good data. Throughout the year, AKF has shifted their mindset from quantity to quality of the data being collected in Vision. Large-scale changes led to fewer fields, reducing friction for those entering the data, honing the data integrity processes, and being unafraid to admit when wrong. Deltek Vision is well-suited to the task, especially when paired with programs such as Newforma Project Center and Knowledge Architecture Synthesis. But, with all this power comes the potential for a flood of data, and avoiding the flood requires a clear understanding of a firm’s priorities and what metrics will help manage progress. If you want to manage it, first determine what data is necessary to measure. Join us to find out how you too can emerge from the flood, shift your mindset, and make powerful changes that will allow you to find the river.

4) Schedule a Time to Connect With Us 1:1

There are several opportunities throughout the conference to connect with the Knowledge Architecture team to discuss your firm’s knowledge management goals, strategy, and/or technology. If you are interested in meeting with us during Insight, please send an e-mail to connect@knowledge-architecture.com and we’ll reach out to schedule a time.

See you in Nashville!

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