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In his KA Connect 2016 talk, Christopher Parsons shares his vision for the future of Knowledge Management in the AEC industry, which is based on Knowledge Architecture’s client work with over 90 leading AEC firms and producing seven KA Connect conferences on AEC Knowledge Management.

Watch this video to learn what knowledge management is, why it matters, and strategies for managing knowledge and building knowledge management teams.

Smarter by Design: A Knowledge Management Manifesto for the AEC Industry

Christopher Parsons of Knowledge Architecture at KA Connect 2016.

00:42 Learning Faster Than Your Competitors Is the Only Sustainable Competitive Advantage
02:03 Why Knowledge Management?
04:28 What Is Knowledge Management?
07:35 Manifesto Point #1: Every AEC Firm Should Eventually Have a Formal Knowledge Management Program
07:58 What Does Knowledge Management in an AEC Firm Look Like?
08:09 Introducing the Periodic Table of Common Knowledge Management Program Elements in AEC Firms
13:27 Manifesto Point #2: All AEC Firms Are Already Doing Knowledge Management Informally, but They Might Not Call It Knowledge Management
14:06 Manifesto Point #3: Every AEC Knowledge Management Program Is Different
15:48 Align Your KM Program with Top Business Priorities
16:00 Example A: Differentiate through Innovation
17:09 Example B: Capture Knowledge from Departing Experts
16:40 Example C: Improve Project Quality and Consistency
19:01 Manifesto Point #4: Every AEC Knowledge Management Team Is Different
19:23 Model Knowledge Management Team Structure for AEC Firms
20:30 The AEC KM Leader Spectrum
00:35 The Importance of KM Sponsors
04:58 Manifesto Point #5: The Foundation of a Successful AEC Knowledge Management Program Is People, Process, and Technology
09:20 Questions + Answers

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