4 Ways to Connect with Knowledge Architecture at Deltek Insight 2016


Each year we look forward to connecting with our clients at Deltek Insight. Insight provides a great opportunity to learn about Deltek’s latest technology, share strategies and tactics for successful implementations, discuss ideas for building on the Deltek platform, and learn how Knowledge Architecture clients are using Synthesis to get a higher return on their investments in Deltek Vision and Deltek Ajera.

Susan Strom, Zucu Bermann, and Christopher Parsons will be representing Knowledge Architecture at Insight this year. Here are four ways you can connect with us and other Knowledge Architecture clients:

1) Stop by the Knowledge Architecture booth in the Expo Hall

Knowledge Architecture is a sponsor of Deltek Insight 2016. We’ll be at our booth in the Insight Expo Hall showing off our latest technology. Please come by and say hello.

2) Attend Chris’s Presentation

VI-97: Smarter by Design: A Knowledge Management Manifesto for the AEC Industry
Christopher Parsons, Founder and CEO, Knowledge Architecture

Knowledge Architecture believes that every AEC firm should eventually have a formal Knowledge Management Program. We believe that all AEC firms are already doing Knowledge Management, but they might not call it Knowledge Management. We believe that every AEC Knowledge Management Program is different, therefore every AEC Knowledge Management Team is different. Finally, we believe that the foundation of a successful AEC Knowledge Management program is people, process, and technology. In this session, Christopher Parsons will share his vision for the future of Knowledge Management in the AEC industry, which is based on Knowledge Architecture’s client work with over 90 leading AEC firms and producing seven KA Connect conferences on AEC Knowledge Management. Attendees of this session will understand how their firms stack up in terms of knowledge management in comparison to peer firms and competitors, as well as new strategies for managing knowledge and building knowledge management teams.

3) Attend Presentations by Knowledge Architecture Clients and Partners

VI-92: Vision and Synthesis Integration and Launch
Petra Knochenhauer, Marketing Director, Dewberry
Rhonda Lewis, CRM Systems Manager, Dewberry

In January 2016, Dewberry launched ID, its new social intranet. Preparing for the launch and the system’s management was an interdisciplinary team including human resources, communications, marketing and IT. The main goals for the project came directly from Dewberry’s strategic plan: enhance client intelligence/managed information capabilities, and improve internal communications to drive organic growth and top-down communication. Additional actions the team set out to accomplish included:

• Testing the platform with early adopters and incorporating recommendations prior to launch
• Scrubbing and gathering data prior to launch
• Engaging employees with information available to them
• Building connections among employees.
• Communicating the benefits of the new intranet platform
• Setting up a plan for identifying community managers to help ensure information posted is accurate and timely
• Making sure ID continues to be the primary tool for communicating business-critical and compliance information to employees

The Vision/Synthesis integration was critical to Dewberry’s launch success. They used the standard out-of-the-box integration and created UDICs and SQL views. Partnered with a strong internal team and Knowledge Architecture, Dewberry enjoyed a successful intranet launch with thousands of data management benefits to our Employee, Projects, Clients and Contacts information in Vision.

VI-53: Retooling Vision for a Growing Organization: Audits, Process Mapping, and the Cloud
Jeanine Quaglia, Director of Marketing, Quinn Evans Architects
Rita LaChance, Business Manager, Quinn Evans Architects

Quinn Evans Architects (QEA) is a national architectural firm that has grown from 55 to 94 employees since launching Vision in 2008. The firm is progressive through its innovative use of technology and tools for increased data integration and efficiency gains. The firm uses Newforma, OpenAsset, and, most recently, Synthesis with Vision as the hub of these powerful data repositories. Three years ago, the firm experienced its first shift to second-generation leadership at the corporate as well as at the office levels. With that came a shift toward newer project managers who required hands-on access to data. Vision had been highly customized with user defined fields across many info centers. While power users existed in accounting and marketing, management access was limited by office and restricted to projects the staff level. In general, the system was viewed as an impediment and not widely used or accepted although it served as the primary source for vital project and contact data. In 2015 with a focus on enhancing the data and efficacy of use, the Vision planning team took the opportunity to assess our process, people, and procedures. A group comprised of users from multiple facets of the practice was formed to focus on process mapping of business operations and perform an audit of the Vision’s info centers and data fields. Results focused on the cleanup of extraneous fields, addition of new user defined info centers, and workflows that support the real-time project life-cycle processes.

VI-13: Vision—The Source of All Truth
Christine Haferbier, Financial Systems Director, DLR Group

Vision is considered the “Source of All Truth” at DLR Group. Vision data is pushed to many other business platforms and some information is pushed into Vision from other systems. In this session, attendees will learn how data flows into and out of Vision into ancillary systems at DLR Group. This session is not a how to session, but encourages attendees to think of the possibilities for their own solution. DLR Group leverages this data exchange for email signatures, company intranet, company website, OpenAsset, Newforma, printing, electronic invoicing and much more.

4) Schedule a Time to Connect With Us 1:1

There are several opportunities throughout the conference to connect with the Knowledge Architecture team to discuss your firm’s knowledge management goals, strategy, and/or technology. If you are interested in meeting with us during Insight, please send an e-mail to connect@knowledge-architecture.com and we’ll reach out to schedule a time.

See you in DC!

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