Introducing Synthesis Search Optimization

Search Optimization is featured in Synthesis 5.2, the latest release of our social intranet for architects and engineers. The goal of Search Optimization is to provide you with the insights and tools you need to realize best in class intranet search.

Analyze Underperforming Terms
Detailed Search Logs and Search Sessions will help you understand why certain search terms perform poorly and provide insights on how to improve them.

Provide the Right Content
Search Log analysis helps take the guesswork out of determining what content your users really want.

Fine Tune Your Search Engine
Best Bets and Synonyms allow you to immediately improve the relevance of your intranet’s search results.

Measure + Benchmark Performance
Search Scores, Testing, Key Stats, and Benchmarking allow you to evaluate your intranet’s search performance.

Are you ready to optimize your intranet’s search?
Synthesis 5.2 is now available. Contact us to get started.

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