The Connected Practice

The Connected Practice

Knowledge Architecture believes that architecture and engineering practices who integrate research and development, thought leadership marketing, and knowledge management will sustain a competitive advantage over their more siloed competition.

These early adopters exploit emerging technology, such as social media, by leveraging their existing investments in analog processes, tools, and culture. They understand the value of seamlessly moving between digital and analog worlds, and they invest their financial and human resources accordingly.

The success of this all-of-the-above approach to knowledge and information management lies not simply in creating documents and organizing databases, but also in connecting people and ideas.

We believe the future belongs to these practices. We call them Connected Practices.

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One Comment on “The Connected Practice”

  1. 1 Ralph said at 3:35 am on May 31st, 2012:

    Christopher, interesting words but not sure most might really understand “seemlessly moving between digital and analog worlds”. What are you getting at here?

    I spent a bit of time on your video. I simply find it frustrating that the conversation leads itself to those who “get” social media and those that don’t. The landscape is changing so rapidly on a day to day basis there really is no more “get” in my mind. It’s more about the “right” way to use the available tools and which tools are right for the firm.

    The idea of ROI in the social spaces is rediculous and I thought your comments around ROI and “socialwash” was a great way to show how promoting the web presence of a firm aligns with their overall marketing plans.

    Would love to align some thinking here.