Does your firm use video as a knowledge management tool? (Part 1)


I posted the question above on the KA Connect LinkedIn Group before I went on vacation last month. It heated up while I was away.

One of the themes that emerged was “using low-cost tools with minimal editing to quickly record and publish new insights or share staff expertise.”

Here are some excerpts:

Deven Pravin Shaw:

“Also, from my experience keeping them (videos) friendly, natural makes it more effective. Editing for sophistication, sound effects …etc sometimes dilutes the effectiveness because people don’t see it naturally connecting. It’s more like a friendly conversation around the office corner.”

Mahalie Stackpole:

“Video production can range from quick, cheap and easy to an extremely complicated production and associated costs – it depends on what the application is and what production expectations are. Obviously clicking record to capture a webinar or web meeting is no brainer (nearly no cost at all) that is great for record-keeping and possibly even for training without further production work.

I do agree with Deven and Vik that unedited video comes across as more sincere. A lot of polishing and the video can be impersonal and too corporate. For viral marketing purposes I would recommend a flip-phone video over a big commercial production any day. ”

Brian Frels:

“The 1st (type of video) aims to re-introduce various disciplines and market sectors to each other and would be produced in the spirit of Discover Channel’s “Dirty Jobs.” This series would highlight a cross section of employees and their daily tasks, workflow, and interactions with other disciplines. Informal yet informative video clips would shed new light on fellow coworkers and stimulate a sense of teamwork and camaraderie that would ultimately contribute to a higher level of interdisciplinary collaboration. “

I’d recommend reading the entire thread. Got something to share about how your firm is using video? Please post a comment on the LinkedIn thread or below.

(If you aren’t  a member of the KA Connect LinkedIn Group, you can request to join here. Our team will get you added so you can join the conversation.)

Extra Credit

The video that inspired me to start the KA Connect thread on video is below.

Sal Kahn’s GEL 2010 talk is one of the best presentations I’ve ever seen. He’s also got a methodology for producing “quick and dirty” videos that we can all learn from.

Set aside 20 minutes and watch it.


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